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Heroes Cup – 11 October 2020 – Luxembourg

Registration Heroes Cup 2020

*  Date: October 11, 2020
* Locatie: Centre Sportif Munsbach – Luxembourg
Campus An Der Dällt, 185 Rue Principale, 5366 Schüttringen, Luxemburg

You can register one category at a time. If you want to participate with more categories you need to fill up a new form. You also need to choose if you want one or two coaches backstage.

ATTENTION: due to the COVID-19 measures, it is always possible that the number of coaches is limited to 1 coach. The extra paid coach tickets will be converted into VIP tickets. Refunds for these coach tickets are NOT possible!

After we receive your registration and payment, we will send an email with a confirmation. Payment for event and IFBB must be deposited in two different accounts!

Payment of EVENT on the next account: Online or via bank transfer BE12 7350 4828 7392

Payment BIFBB on the next account: BE90 9730 8344 8932
BIFBB Membership fee is 75 € per year.

Payment IFBBL on the next account: LU290019465588655000
Athletes domiciled in Luxembourg must be members of IFBBL. The membership fee for non-members is € 100 per year. Membership fees for existing members amount to € 75 per year

Payment NBBF on the next account: NL35INGB0003823906
The membership fee is 50 €